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3owowoo's spoilers[]

En-dead will go insane if we dont get en-dleemo back

En-dead’s spoilers[]

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Quarter Birthday heist Scene 14 dialogue:

En-dead: Well, happy quarter birthday En-dleemo!

En-Dleemo: Thanks!

Ben: Not to burst your bubble, but I’m still a Kirby and we must return me to normal!

Mason: We do that later but first-

D. Connor: We party!

Bob: RAINBOW BEAM TIME! (Blasting rainbow beams out of laser shooting thingamaBOB)

Quarter birthday heist Scene 10 dialogue:

En-dead: I guess all of the effects don’t wear off right away....

Mason: Great! Now I’m stuck wearing this dress for.... who knows how long!?

En-dead: At least you’re wearing clothes at all Mason!

Ben: I’m still a Pen, but I can’t walk!

En-Dleemo's quarter birthday event name:

Quarter birthday heist


A slight description: An evil far greater and far stronger than Satorian is rising in the lands of the legends, and En-dleemo shall be the first to witness it!

Dialogue from the new villain: “I will finally rise... I will destroy the legends.... With this gigantic glitch crystal I’m now more powerful than Satorian ever was... Now I have my new, stronger form, and En-dleemo shall be the first to witness it for wandering onto my land!”

DaBFDI's spoilers[]

I'm making a TV show like Entbrat Fan

Begining with a Bang (Season 1 Episode 1)[]

(Begins with a black screen)

D. Connor (Voice only): So, episode 1, COMME-

Evan (Voice only): WAIT! You forgot to remove the lens cap. (Removes)

(The background is a grassy plain area)

D. Connor: You should have reminded me that when we started.

Evan: Okay. Also, we only have 2 people, who are me and you.

D. Connor: Okay. Can we just skip this 4th wall breaking?

Evan: Okay. Now can you get more people?

Entbrat Fan's Spoilers[]

The MSMTuber Show[]

Lair Fued (Season 2 Episode 3)[]

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