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Returning Ben to being a pen

Live now!

This event is hosted by Ben

Ben And Cybernetic Sheep Creep.png

Scene 1


En-dead: Now that the party is over, we can finally return you to being a pen!

Ben: Well, that would be quite nice! It’d be even better if I didn’t have to deal with BEING IN SPACE!

En-dead: Well, using teleporter is too dangerous, due to the fact tons of deadly space creatures have been lured out by a certain Boomer Bird’s powers!

Mason: You know he’s not here, right?

Ben: I WANT ANSWERS NOW! Why is Mason a furry, why is D. Connor wearing part of a scuba mask in space, and where the heck are Bynaxus and En-dleemo?

D. Connor: I think her and Bynaxus decided they'd stay back for a bit before they come down to us

Mason: Sounds good

Bob: I hope Ben still isn’t mad at me...

3owowoo: He’s probably forgiven you by n-

Ben: No! I still hate you Bob! And now I’m gonna KILL-

Mason: (Pulls out his pistol) You sure you want to do that?

3owowoo: And I stand corrected...

Ben: No... But I still hate him... (angry look on his face)

D. Connor: Hey, my head is floating off!

Some random alien: Haha! Exposed-

Mason: (Shoots the alien)

En-dead: I’d rather have done it myself, but still good! (Munches on the alien corpse)

Ben: We’re almost to earth already? Nice!

Bob: True!

3owowoo: Yep

En-dead: Let’s go then!

D. Connor: Just don’t go super speed-

All except her and En-dead: Too late!

En-dead: (Be zoomin’ towards earth at super speed) We’ll be there momentarily! Stay fastened to whatever you can find on me, or you can kiss yourselves goodbye!

3owowoo: We’re gonna crash land aren’t we?

Conteyrikoon: (appears out of nowhere and grabs onto En-dead) No doubt!

Scene 2



En-dead: You said it... at least we’re in earth now...


Bob: Get this cap outta my mouth!

Ben: Hey! You took my cap! (Pulls it out of bob’s mouth)

En-dead: Also, I think 3owowoo is dead...

Bob: No doubt...

D. Connor: Can someone find my body? My head is stuck in this sand!

En-dead: Also, did you know that adding this scene to this event is my 1,000th edit on this wiki?

Timorboi: Hey, it’s them! Also, 4th wall break!

(The 4th wall, which just so happened to be nearby, breaks revealing Ziggurabdab taking a bath)

Everybody except him: (laughing)

Ziggurabdab: Unlike the squid guy, I’m gonna join you up instead of being a fool and flushing myself down a toilet...

MLG Scups: Yeah, they're here!

En-dead: How’d you find us?

Conteyrikoon: Yeah, how!?

Mason: MMPH! (Pulls self out of the sand) Explain!

Timorboi: Well...

MLG Scups: You are easier to see in the sky than the sun!

Conteyrikoon: Ok then...

Ben: Well, let’s find a way to make me a Pen again!

Ziggurabdab: I think I know a Jungle next door, which might have what we’re looking for!

En-dead: Huh, nice to see he’s not mean anymore!

Ben: Something seems suspicious here...

Conteyrikoon: Well, I don’t care! (Stomps over Ben and into the jungle)

Bob: (picks up 3owowoo and carries him into the jungle) This ain’t gonna be good, especially because next scene is gonna have a plot twist in it...

(The 4th wall then breaks more)

En-dead: Uhhh... (gets smashed by a piece of the 4th wall) OW!

All but D. Connor: (Enters the jungle)

MLG Scups: This is gonna be good!

Timorboi: Yep!

D. Connor: Uhh... a little help here?

Scene 3

Coming soon! How soon? It’s coming at furry’oclock on the furryth of furry during the year furry XD

Quarter birthday heist

This event is hosted by Most of the elite squad (Insert Image here)

Scene 1


Mason: Hey guys, I’m Mason not Pyrix now-

En-dead: Elite squad, I’ve summoned you to this meeting today to tell you something, not sit around and be friendly!

3owowoo: So, what are you gonna tell us?

Bob: Yeah! My Kirbified body doesn’t like being here!

En-dead: En-dleemo was kidnapped by Ma-Sin a while ago... And about a week ago we witnessed her dragged back into the depths of Ma-Sin’s planet... Also it’s her quarter birthday and we need to get her back now!

Ben: We’d better not do anything dangerous! My cap is already damaged from the chase!

3owowoo: How about we have a good ol’ heist?

En-dead: Sounds Great!

Bob: Yup! Let’s do it!

Mason: Best idea so far!

Ben: Sounds dangerous, but whatever!

En-dead: En-dleemo, (holds up a picture of her) we’re coming to save you...

Scene 2


Bob: (panting) Can we please stop now? We’ve been walking for hours, and my little Kirby feet can only take me so far!

En-dead: We can’t stop now! We’re almost there!

3owowoo: Wait, so that glitchy sun-like Object is Ma-Sin’s planet?

Mason: I guess it is...

Bob: I’m so hungry.... I need.... to suck up.... some food....

Ben: Yeah! I’m hungry too! And I need to finish repairing my cap!

3owowoo: How about we go eat at that Mac Doonalds, and then continue?

En-dead: FINE! BUT EN-DLEEMO IS MY DAUGHTER, AND I’M GONNA SAVE HER! (zoomin’ towards the Mac Doonalds)

Mason: Today isn’t the greatest... (follows behind with the rest of the group)

Scene 3


En-dead: I’m so exited to finish eating the alien corpse! I can’t believe they sell these here, also thanks for paying Bynaxus!

Bynaxus: No problem! I got more money than Mason could count! (Continues drinking his Jumbo OreoMcFlurry)

Mason: Very true...

Waiter: Would you like some blixer soup?

Mason: (gives money) Sure- WAIT!

Waiter: (gives him the blixer soup) No refunds! (Walks away)

3owowoo: (sarcastically) That went well....

Bob: I ate all of the burgers, and now I’m gonna eat the wrappers too! :3

Ben: That’s disgusting... Umm... what is that!? (Pointing at the planet)

En-dead: (chowing on the corpse) Delicious! (continues munching on it)

Bob: I like the taste of wrappers! :3

3owowoo: Umm.... Wow.....

Mason: I thought kirbys liked eating everything! Also, WHAT THE FRICK IS THAT PLANET DOING!?

The glitch planet: (charging up a glitchy laser)

Bynaxus: (continues drinking his McFlurry)

Bob: (still eating wrappers) :3

Ben: Umm..... Take cover....

Mason: Are Ben and I the only ones in this moronic group to see that charging laser!?

The Glitch Planet: (zaps the laser, which is now destroying the planet the group is on)

Bob: :3

Factoryen: Oh no! I don’t know if I can finish the new cap!

Ben: Great!

Bynaxus: Great! Now I won’t get to finish my McFlurry!

3owowoo: That’s why I ate on the way here!

En-dead: (eats the rest of the corpse) let’s get outta here....

3owowoo: RUN!

Scene 4


Bob: That was close.... Also I brought a kirbifier with me!

3owowoo: Well, don’t point that thingy at me!

En-dead: That was too close... thanks Mason and Ben!

Mason: No problem my boi!

Ben: All I got was my cap back, and now my meal is glitch fried....

Mason: Be a slight bit more grateful!

En-dead: We’re almost there people!

Bob: (looks down at the crumblin, glitching planet below) I feel bad for the people there...

En-dead: Same...

Bob: ...I feel bad for them, because now they can’t be eaten by me!

Bynaxus: That’s.... cruel.... Also, can you believe that they made me pack 3 different McFlurries!?

En-dead: Shut up, uncivil-

Mason: Uncivilized swine!

Bynaxus: Put this empty cup in your pie hole and shut up, you utter morons!

Ben: Shut it! Ma-Sin will hear us! He has super hearing, despite not appearing to have ears, and we’re nearing the planet!

Mason: Be prepared people... This is gonna be the greatest heist ever...

Scene 5


En-dead: We’ve official entered the glitch planet....

3owowoo: So much red.... Is it all like this?

Ben: Yup.... And this weather is horrible!

En-dead: Y’know this is good weather on this planet? The bad weather would decimate all of us almost instantly, even with protective shields!

Mason: Well, there’s the.... palace...? It’s huge! How are we supposed to navigate,p that behemoth!?

Bob: I- (pants) can- (pants) fly- (pants) a little- (falls onto En-dead)

Bynaxus: Well, how are we supposed to find Ma-Sin in there!?

En-dead: I’ve raided this place with the legend team several times, and I know that place very well, some new doors and rooms have been added, but I know where the Glitch monster’s throne room is...

Bynaxus: Well, then let’s find it!

Ben: Yeah.... The quicker we get out of here the better....

Mason: In that case....

Everybody present: LET’S GO!

Scene 6


Mason: I’ll go search for more enterances! (Zooms off)

En-dead: Ok, now remember we must stick togethe-

Bob: (pulls out votes) It looks like Ben is gonna get Kirbified because Mason isn’t here!


En-dead: Now as I was saying-

Ben: (running away)

Bob: Come back! (Pulls out kirbifier) I need to kirbify you Ben! (Runs after him)

Bynaxus: (slides away without anyone noticing)

En-dead: What did I say about- y’know what? Never mind... 3owowoo, come with me!

3owowoo: Ok! (Hops on En-dead as they leave)

Ma-Sin: (teleports from one side of the palace to the other) I sense something... or someone....

En-dead: I feel like we’re being watched....

3owowoo: You’re probably right... Let’s just stay as quiet and subtle as possible, but be quick too...

Mason: I think I found another enterance- (sees Ma-Sin right before it’s too late) Yeah, no.... (zooms away again)

Scene 7


3owowoo: Wow..... we’ve made it to the throne room.....

En-dead: Ma-Sin isn’t here tho.... That’s pretty common, mainly because he loves to reverse-sneak attack us...

Ben: I hate you..... (glares at Bob)

Bob: (crying)

En-dead: Lay off of Bob! It’s not like we all effects never wear off!

Ben: Wait.... I’M GONNA BE A TINY, PUNY KIRBY FOREVER!? (Activates magic)

Bob: (cry more)

3owowoo: That was a creepy moment when Bynaxus tried to explode me, wasnt it en-dead?

En-dead: I’ve seen worse, but speaking of that where is Bynaxus anyways?

Bynaxus: Where are the others? I feel like I can hear them- OOF! (Runs into a tall glitchy figure)

Ma-Sin: An ugly green brat? Not just any regular one.... It’s Bynaxus! Say goodbye to your reign.... (tears crown off of Bynaxus’ head and flings him into a portal)

Bynaxus: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

3owowoo: What was that?

Ben: Let’s just wait for Mason to get back, so we can decide how to decimate Bob for kirbifying me!

Bob: Blame the voters, not me!

En-dead: Wait, there’s a message on the throne!

Ben: It says, “Don’t touch the crystal, it’ll only mislead you, or confuse you on your path to rescuing en-dlemmo. Warmest regards - Ma-Sin. P.S, I know you’re here” Uh oh....

Bob: Let’s touch the crystal! (Jumps at it)

Scene 8


Bob: POKE! (Touches the crystal)

The crystal: (summons a portal that sucks up Bob)


Mason: (zooms in) That utter fool wasn’t supposed to touch that!

Ben: oh, well. Guess he’s dead!

En-dead: No! We’re going to save him, even if it does mislead us! Let’s go! (Starts entering the portal)

3owowoo: well let's do this and finish this as quick as we can and have that party!

En-dead: Please don’t mind me of the glitch party..... But yeah!

3owowoo and Mason: (entering the portal)

Ben: UGGHHHH..... I’m only coming with you so I don’t die.... (enters the portal)

Bynaxus: (floating through the blackness of inside the portal) Wait.... is that.... the rest of the squad?

Scene 9


Ben: I hate going through this portal.....

En-dead: We’re through the port- Great.... We’re in a radial gradient dimension.....

Bynaxus: I hate my life....

En-dead: Well, Bynaxus suddenly looks far less gran- WHY DO MY EYES LOOKS LIKE GLEEMO HEADS!?

Mason: Great.... Now I look like Andromeda.....

Bob: Who? The person who you forced into a different lore? Also why am I my own body now?

3owowoo: What now? Also my eye is a mouth, yet an eye at the same time....

Ben: Hey! I’m a Pen again! Yay!

Bynaxus: Shut up, you pile of-

En-dead: (slams Bynaxus away) Let’s go through that other portal!

Mason: But I see about..... 20 more portals, just in that direction!

3owowoo: And 87 thousand more total in every other visible place!

Ben: (laughing hysterically) IT’S SO HARD NOT TO LAUGH, WHEN- (Laughs more) WHEN YOU HAVE AN ANDROMEDA STYLE DRESS, AND HAIR! (laughs more until grabbed)

Mason: Shut up before I turns you into a tiny speck of dust! Now let’s all agree never to talk about this day again, ok...?

En-dead: Gladly...

Bynaxus: Ugghhhh..... Let’s get portal traveling....

Scene 10


Bynaxus: Finally.... After an hour of portal traveling we finally made it here....

En-dead: Hmmm..... Now which path will we take?

Ben: The left one!

3owowoo: Can you read? It says “Long path for former kings who got Un-crowned by a glitch demon”!

Bynaxus: That’s the right path for me, also it seems a little specific..... too specific..... (zoomin’ down the hallway)

En-dead: Ok, zoomer-

Mason: WAIT! Why am I still somewhat “Andromeda-ish” and why does En-dead still have gleemo eyes, along with Ben still being a Pen!?

En-dead: I guess all of the effects don’t wear off right away....

Mason: Great! Now I’m stuck wearing this dress for.... who knows how long!?

En-dead: At least you’re wearing clothes at all Mason!

Ben: I’m still a Pen, but I can’t walk!

Bob: I’m now longer Human Rain-bob’s body! I’m somewhat sad, yet it’s still better!

3owowoo: Hey! My virus-like tips are back! They must’ve deflated while we were portal traveling!

En-dead: Noice! Now which path will we take...?

Bob: Let’s go down the one that says “Shortcut to En-dleemo’s room”!

Mason: Ok.....

Ben: Can someone help me up?

En-dead: Fine.....

3owowoo: (sarcastically) Yeah.... this doesn’t seem like anything like a dangerous trap...

Scene 11


Mason: (opens the door) Hey we’re back to normal!

Ben: Awww, I’m a Kirby again!

En-dead: Finally, I can save En-dleem-

Ma-Sin: I’ve been expecting you.... Also do you like my redesign?

En-dead: Yes, it’s better! Also..... TAKE THAT CROWN OFF RIGHT NOW! (Blasts the crown straight off of his head)

Ma-Sin: Hey! I liked wearing that crown!

Conteyrikoon: (appears out of nowhere) That’s the 2nd time he’s blasted a crown off of someone head! (Disappears)

3owowoo: Ma-Sin over here!

Ma-Sin: Naahhh.... I’d rather not move.... I’m quite comfortable on this couch making sure nobody looks at my hitlist, or rescues En-dleemo!

En-dleemo: Dad, please help!

En-dead: Bob, Ben, attack! Wait where’s Bynaxu-

Ben: (pulls out staff) Take this! (Zaps magic at Ma-Sin)

Bob: And this! (Blasts lasers at Ma-Sin)

En-dleemo: He’s so amazing....

Ma-Sin: (reflects them with absolutely no effort whatsoever) Yawn.... You-

Conteyrikoon: Couldn’t harm a little pebble!

Ma-Sin: Begone Boomer Bird, or I’ll be eating roasted vulture tonight!

Conteyrikoon: Ok, boome-

Bynaxus: (slaps him away from inside a wall)

Mason (In head) I know Bynaxus is ready to save En-dleemo, but I can’t say it out loud! I need to buy time...

Bynaxus: (starts sawing through the cage bars)

Mason: Come and get me you Glitchy pile of-

Ma-Sin: (practically mummified him in tape) Did you hear something? Also I can read your minds so I know Bynaxus is there!

Bynaxus: (smashes open cage and wall) Let’s go En-dleemo!

En-dleemo: (hugs En-dead)

3owowoo: Can we save the celebration for after we escape!?

Ma-Sin: (slowly charging up bad weather) IF you escape, that is!

Scene 12


Bynaxus: Let’s go! A portal home has opened!

Mason: Hop on peeps!

3owowoo: Ok!

3owowoo, Ben, and Bob: (hops on Mason)

Mason: Let’s go! (Flies for the portal)

En-dleemo: Wait.... Where is my skirt!?

Ma-Sin: Lookin’ for somethin’? (Holds up her skirt thing) You never know when I’ll grab somethin’ with my claws!

En-dleemo: Dad! We have to get my skirt back!

En-dead: Ehhyyy.... Uhhh.....

Bynaxus: (flies over to them) Quick! The weather is charging up! Move it or lose it!

Ma-Sin: (makes Lenny face) Ha! What are you gonna do? Let down your daughter, or be decimated? I’m exited to watch!

En-dead: (thinks of when he first got her that skirt) Neither....

Bynaxus: (sees the weather getting far worse) Hurry!

En-dead: (pulls out the needle thing from that Gleemo thing and grabs the skirt with it)

Ma-Sin: (face turns surprised and disgusted) WHAT!?

En-dead: (slips the skirt back on En-dleemo without poking her with the needle)

En-Dleemo: Yay! Let’s go!

En-dead, En-dleemo, and Bynaxus: (flies to the portal)

Ma-Sin: I’m coming for you! (Zooms after them)


Scene 13


Mason: D. Connor why are you-

D. Connor: And I tip my head to you, good sir! Great day- night- or whatever here isn’t it?

En-dead: I’m not even sure if this dimension even has time... Also why aren’t you wearing your coat-vest thingy?

D. Connor: I left it back at home, also I’m here to pick you up! When you mysteriously disappeared the people sent me to find you!

Bob: Ok

Ben: Anybody else notice we're in our “Gradient dimension” forms?

Mason: Yup..... Ugghhh.....

En-Dleemo: (muffled due to fatness) Help me!


En-dead: (glares at him) shut your tiny fake-pen mouth now or die a slow and painful death!

Ben: (gives him the “Gleemo death stare”)

Bynaxus: Can we go home now!?

3owowoo: Yeah! The portal is right the-


(portal slams shut)

En-dead: Let’s go!

All: (flies through the portal)

Scene 14


(2 hours after the gang returned home)

En-dleemo: Thanks for the party dad! It’s amazing!

Bynaxus: (Blushing and looking at a picture of en-dleemo)

En-dead: (Notices Bynaxus, but nobody else does) Only the best for my daughter! Also want to know what surprises me?

En-dleemo: What is it?

En-dead: It’s that- (glares at bob)

Bob: (trying to steal a “pizza roll”) Uhh....

Mason: (Appears from the shadows) Hey guys!


Mason: A certain big brain slime fused me with some bomb-flavored slime, so I’m gonna get the rest of me covered in it, so I look somewhat normal! I am no longer a smelly JSaB thing!

Ben: (slight cri) This world is depressing, and it’s all sadness and humility...

En-dead: Uhh....

D. Connor: Ooh! Yellow fruit! (Tries to grab it)

3owowoo: NO! MY FRUIT! (Protecc his fruit)

En-dead: Well, happy quarter birthday En-dleemo!

En-Dleemo: Thanks!

Ben: Not to burst your bubble, but I’m still a Kirby and we must return me to normal!

Mason: We do that later but first-

D. Connor: We party!

Bob: RAINBOW BEAM TIME! (Blasting rainbow beams out of laser shooting thingamaBOB)

En-dleemo: This party is amazing!

Bynaxus: Y-yeah...

En-dead: Want to hear what I was gonna tell you?

En-dleemo: Sure!

Bob: (Still blasting rainbows everywhere) Yeah! I want to hear too!

En-dead: No, this is specifically for me and my daughter, poyo boi!

Bob: Ok...? (Walks away and continues blasting rainbows)

En-dead: What I was gonna say is I’m surprised you haven’t been shipped with anybody yet, considering how long it’s been...

D. Connor: That is quite surprising!

Mason: I’d say “I agree”, but a ship will soon be made... (looks over at Bynaxus)

Ben: I’d come look with you, but I don’t want to be seen until I’m a pen again...

Bynaxus: Why is everyone looking at me?

En-dleemo: (Now blushing like Bynaxus) B-Bynaxus?

Bynaxus: Y-you don’t have to say anything... Let’s go into that room... (points)

(En-dleemo and Bynaxus both go into the room)

En-dead: Y’know what they say-

3owowoo: We protect the seed-fruit for life!

En-dead: (facepalm) No! But sure... What I was gonna say is-

Bob: All’s well that ends well! (Blows party horn)

En-dead: Yeah... good job bob!

Mason: I noticed that rhyme

En-dead: Ok then, now let’s continue this party even longer, yet beyond this event!

Bob: Bynaxus is gonna be angry when his horses and men can’t put the 4th wall back together again...

Le end! Well, for the event... :D

2nd Anniversary Glitch Party

To be concluded in the future!

This event is hosted big Glitchy JSaB Demon thing


Scene 1


En-dead: Why’d you invite us here “Ma-Sin!?”

Pyrix: I know he’s a demon-like being but that pun is offensive to MY name!

Andromeda: Why’s that?

Pyrix: Because my real world name is Mason, but here I’m Pyrix

(Glitchy JSaB demon) Ma-Sin: Actually, my name IS Ma-Sin, the God of the Glitches!

Ben: That’s 1, 2, 3, 4 gods in this room! Wait where’s Tesla and Bynaxus?

Ma-Sin: I didn’t let them in! I hate green.... it reminds me of Billy.....

Everybody but Ma-Sin: WHO’S BILLY!?

Ma-Sin: NEVER MIND THAT! I invited you here for the 2nd YT anniversary, but you don’t seem to be wearing any formal clothing.... no problem! Just go to that closet behind the giant cube!

Scene 2


Pyrix and Andromeda: We were 1 step ahead! We already had formal clothing!

Ma-Sin: Good job! En-dead came somewhat prepared too!

En-dead: Yeah! I brought my monocle! But because I had nothing else I stole McPongi’s tie at the last second.... At least I have a decent outfit! Also where’d En-dleemo get her outfit?

Ma-Sin: I GAVE IT TO HER! After all she’s been my guest for longer than you have! (Starts ranting that if you like green you’re bad because he’s racist)

Ben: (switches his normal cap out for his top hat cap at the last second) (whispering) so glad that racist kidnapper man didn’t see me with my green cap. Now I won’t get hammered by him-


Andromeda: Can we get to the.... whatever we’re doing Ma-Sin?

Ma-Sin: (puts Ben down) Why yes, we shall! Move along!

Pyrix and Ben: (whispers) Nice save Andromeda

Andromeda: (whispers) Thanks

Scene 3


Ma-Sin: So, everybody has gotten done with their clothing, I see....

Bob: Wait! I still have to put on my bow tie!

En-dead: Strange... The legends should’ve been here minutes ago....

Pyrix: Maybe they’re just behind schedule?

Ma-Sin: No, En-dead’s right! They’re never late, unless.... my clocks are ahead! Oh, wait.... There is only ever one number on clocks here, and that number can be anything from 10,395 to Pi to Infinity!

Andromeda and En-dleemo: Well, what should we do?

Bob: let me finish putting on my bow tie?

Ben: Well, I’ve had it with this place! The floor is hard and uncomfortable, the color pallet of this place uses only red, and this annalistic fuckface, Ma-Sin is the leader!

(Offscreen) UltraTurgeon: Before you said “Ma-Sin” I thought you were talking about me!


Scene 4


Super Crown event

This event is hosted by En-dead


and Conteyrikoon


Scene 1


En-dead: The votes were tied and Ziggurab is gone, so I have no choice but to crown you!

Conteyrikoon: Aw, how cute! The SmELLy cUBe dEMoN has the super crown! What is he going to do? Is he gonna try to put it on my head? Good luck! My Gymnastic skills could dodge you if I were to be battle for another 1000 years!

En-dead: Only Pyrix calls me that! Also.... Take.... THIS! (Tosses Super crown right in the direction of Conteyrikoon’s head)

Conteyrikoon: (Gasps in horror)

Scene 2


Conteyrikoon: Oh, s-

Crowd: (interrupts with a gasp)

Conteyrikoon: SHUT UP, YOU GASPERS!

En-dead: I wonder what a humanized Conteyrikoon princess would look like.....

Conteyrikoon: Wait, no! My entire Mutashunn army is made of sexists! If that crown lands on my head and they see it they’ll all betray me!

En-dead: Serves you right, you bum!

Conteyrikoon: (An idea bulb then appears above head)

Scene 3


Conteyrikoon: (catches super crown) HA! Now I’ll turn you into a super crown princess!

En-dead: I’m faster than you so.....

Conteyrikoon: Oh.... in that case.... I’ll give it to the one who tied with me in votes!

ZiggurabDab10: Say what?

En-dead and Conteyrikoon: NOTHING!

En-dead and Conteyrikoon: In 3, 2, 1, NOW!

Scene 4


Conteyrikoon: HA! (tosses it towards ZiggurabDab10)

ZiggurabDab10: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

En-dead: YES! REVENGE!

(Crown flies past ZiggurabDab10)

ZiggurabDab10: HA!

(Crown bounces back)

ZiggurabDab10: OH, NO!

Everybody else: Oh, yeah!

Scene 5


ZiggurabDab10: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

En-dead: Yes.....

Conteyrikoon: TAKE THAT YOU-

(There is an explosion of white as ZiggurabDab10 was hit by the crown)

All: Huh? Where is ZiggurabDab10?

ZiggurabDab10: No... no... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Scene 6


ZiggurabDab10 (Now Zigurrette): Umm.... why am I a girl?

En-dead: Because of the magic of the super crown! This is revenge, right Conteyrikoon? Wait, where are you?

Conteyrikoon: R-Right here.... (Blushing)

En-dead: Oh, god no! Please don’t tell me your in love with Ziggurab, JUST because of the super crown transformation making Ziggurab into a princess!

Conteyrikoon: (still blushing) Every princess needs a prince to become the king and queen... and I will be the king! Also, hey girl? Wanna go out?

En-dead: I AM APPALLED! And if you think you can become the king you are fricking insa-

Ziggurette: (looks at Conteyrikoon blushing) Y-yes


Pyrix (offscreen): Hey guys! I’m 14 now and- Should I even ask why Ziggurab is wearing the super crown?

En-dead: Surprise.....?

Scene 7


Conteyrikoon: It was a lie..... I pretended to love her so I could take the super crown.... why, you may ask? Because based on a survey my army would actually PREFER it if I was a princess..... Also BTW En-dead I lied about them being sexists...

En-dead: WHY YOU LITTLE- (Breaks door) LET ME IN!

Conteyrikoon: Nah..... (grabs crown)

En-dead: OH, GOD NO!

Conteyrikoon: Also you should’ve been here in the past week! Ziggurette was delicious! (Puts on the super crown)

Pyrix and En-dead: Oh, no.....

Scene 8


En-dead: (Blasts crown right off Conteyrikoon's head)

Conteyrikoon: NUTS! Where did the crown go anyways?

(Crown flies across the earth)

En-dead: Gone, I guess.... We are rid of the torture forever!


Pyrix: I’m enjoying this great day!

En-dead: (calls Pyrix) How’s it going?

Pyrix: Great! (Sees crown flying towards him)

Conteyrikoon: (sees crown behind him on FaceTime) Oh, snap!

Pyrix: Oh, sh- (gets bonked in head by crown)

Le end! Or is it? There may be a sequel! Stay tuned!


  • The Quarter birthday heist event is currently the longest official event, having 14 scenes