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This is where you can place and create your own custom events and scenes, and if you’re lucky they might become official (En-dead will notify you if so)..

Leave these images on top so you have bases for the characters! And feel free to add your own characters here!

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The Calamitous Fusions[]

Event Hosts: Mason, En-dead, Bob, and Ben


Scene 1 (Return to Poyo)[]

En-dead: Hey has anyone seen en-dleemo’s left over birthday cake?

Ben: *Mumbles a bit* Uhhhhh... no

En-dead: I have my eye on you pen boi

Mason: Hey guys, I found some items you might wanna see!

D. Connor: Sure hope they summon something so we can beat it to a pulp!

Mason: Well your hope is now a reality cuz I have A lot of boss summoning items!

(*The Slime God has awoken!*)

Bob: Hey guys what's u- *Gets fused with the slime god*

Mason: That was fast...

En-dead: I’m kinda worried


Mason: *Gleemo Death Stare*

En-dead: Didn’t know that you could make that face

Scene 2 (In-dead Stomper)[]


(*Astrum Aureus has awoken!*)

En-dead: *Mega Laser*

(*Astrum Aureus has been defeated*)

En-dead: Guys, I don’t feel too good.... *Gets mutated by the astral infection* Well great...

Mason: We have a few more bosses to go you wuss

VocAlijah: WHATS UP MY DUDES- *Crabulon just appears* Yey, I am now a Crabulon for some reason. *Raves*

Mason: Wait a second, where are the others I, somehow, invited?

D. Connor: Who are they?

Mysterious Entity: I’m here, now, where's my new tablet prize?

Mason: (*Uses profaned core*)

(*Providence, the Profaned Goddess has awoken*)

Mysterious Entity: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Scene 3 (Animated Insurgency)[]


Mason: Providence asked me to do a favor for her, and I delivered.

En-dead: What the hell did you do!?

Mason: She wanted someone of purity and impurity to be her vessel in order to purify these lands.

D. Connor: So you got an animation meme youtuber to be the vessel?

Mason: She has a massive following, she has had lots of drama centered around her, and she has a patreon... don’t ask about the last one

Providence: Well done mason, your reward is the blessing of profaned flames. *Proceeds to bless mason with said flames*

Mason: Nice!

Mysterious Entity: Will I die?! I don’t wanna die! I have a career, friends, and a boyfriend!

Providence: You won’t die, but you’ll wish you could.

VocAlijah: Nice FNaF Reference!

Providence: Thank you. As for you, ASHLEY, I must purify these lands once and for all! *Proceeds to fuse with her*

Ashley: Hah! I have control of you now! Didn’t see that one coming now did ya!?

Mason: I see this as a win

En-dead: Ok draedon.

(*Supreme Calamitas has awoken!*)

Scene 4 (Stained, Futile Calamity)[]


Mason: Well shit

SCal: You fools don’t know what lyes ahead!

VocAlijah: Literally everyone here except D. Connor and Ashley knows what to expect!

En-dead: *Laser*


Ashley: Wait. *Activates Profaned gauntlets* NOW WERE TALKING! *Breaks Calamitas’ eye*

Mason: *Singes Calamitas with Yharim’s Crystal*

En-dead: *Blasts her eyes*

VocAlijah: *c l a p*

(*Supreme Calamitas has been defeated!*)

Scene 5 (The Conclusion)[]


En-dead: *Cures self* This was an odd adventure. We fought calamity bosses, gained a new crew member, and we even defeated supreme calamitas with no preparation!

VocAlijah: Hol’ up, mason, how the hecc did you get ashley of all people to come here?

Mason: Bait and switch

Ashley: (*Stabs mason*)


Conteyrikoon: I’m gonna ship them


Conteyrikoon: *ゴゴゴゴ*

Mason: Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!

En-dead: *Le Gasp!*

Le End :p

The Paper[]

(Note: I will make the images when all of the scenes are complete)

Scene 1[]

Bob: Man, this is a tough fight!

En-Dead: Yeah, even for a god like me this is hard!


Bob: He is just taunting us... and that’s triggering.

Demonteyrikoon: Oh, and what is the little poyt like you gonna do? Gonna use a paper that will give you a special power? (Sarcastically) Oh I’m so scared!

Bob: You are right

Demonteyrikoon: ah poo

3owoowoo: I thought the paper was a myth!

Bob: Well, it’s not.

Mason: gimme that! “Bob becomes the ruler of dreamland” huh?

Bob: *starts floating into the air*

Mason: WHAT THE P-*gets blinded by the light that comes from bob before bob transforms* h-huh...? *sees bob*

Everyone exept bob: *le gasp*

Bob Meets Ruby[]

(The comic works different, you start on the left and go down then when you reach the bottom of the left side, do the same thing but with the right side)

Bob Meets Ruby.png

Both: *sitting*

both: *sees each other*

.*they both stand up*

Ruby: Who are you? You look like match’s hair when she dyed it yellow.

Bob: Please don’t talk about match. It reminds me of the first comic on EUC

(All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put the 4th wall back together again)

Bob: Also, My name is Bob!

Ruby: oh ok

.*they both sit down*

In both of their minds: well that was weird”

The Elite Squad Go to Fire Haven[]

Scene 1[]

The Elite Squad Go to Fire Haven (scene 1).png

(At Super Scrawny Skyscraper)

VocAlijah: Hey Mason.

Mason: Yeah.

VocAlijah: I Got Somewhere you might wanna go.

Mason: If it's Sun Island then no.

VocAlijah: Boi, its Fire Haven.

Mason: Ok I'll go get the rest of the Elite Squad.

VocAlijah: Well i guess were going on a Mini Vacay.


Scene 2[]

The Elite Squad Go to Fire Haven (scene 2).png

*Coming Soon*

Lets Play School[]

Scene 1[]

Lets Play School (Scene 1).jpg

Entbrat Guy: This is the MSMTuber Show

Inst-Chan: Where anything can happen

Entbrat Guy: And we're just getting off the school bus

Ben: Um lets go in the building cuz we don't wanna be late

Summer Ocean[]

Story: Ben Finds Out He's Water-Proof Also He Has The Nook Inc. Wet Suit And Snorkel, So He Splashes Dapper Crabulon, En-Dead, And Grimrose With The Water-Proof Potion And Goes To Find Deep-Sea Creatures

Scene 1[]

SO Scene 1.png

Ben: Hi Dapper Crabulon, En-Dead, And Grimrose!

Dapper Crabulon: Uh Ben, What Are You Wearing?

Ben: Nook Inc. Wet Suit And Snorkel

En-dead: But Why Are You In Water?

Ben: I Found Out Im Water-Proof

Ben: Come Into The Water With Me And Collect Some Deep-Sea Creatures!

Dapper Crabulon: But Ben, En-dead Can't Swim Because He Is Electronic...

Ben: Oh He Can! *Splashes Dapper Crabulon, En-dead, And Grimrose With The Water-Proof Potion*

Ben: And Get Your Snorkels On!

Dapper Crabulon: *Puts On Black Snorkel*

En-dead: *Puts On Blue Snorkel*

Grimrose: *Puts On Pink Snorkel*

Ben: Now Let's Get Deep-Sea Creatures!

Scene 2[]

SO Scene 2.png

Ben: *Dives In The Ocean And Gets A Sea Urchin*

Ben: I Got A Sea Urchin! Wasn't Even 'Earchin For It!

En-dead And Grimrose: OH GOD! GET IT AWAY FROM US!!!

Ben: I Promise, It Doesn't Sting!


Dapper Crabulon: *Goes To The Bottom Of The Sea And Gets A Dungeness Crab*

Dapper Crabulon: I Got A Dungeness Crab! Dun Dun Duuuun…Geness!

Dapper Crabulon: *Swims Up To The Surface*

Dapper Crabulon: Hey Everyone I've Got A Dungeness Crab!

Scene 3[]

SO Scene 3.png

All: *Dives In The Ocean*

Ben: Ok You Can Find Deep-Sea Creatures Down Here

Grimrose: *Gets Some Sea Grapes*

En-dead: *Gets A Moon Jellyfish*

Dapper Crabulon: *Gets Another Dungeness Crab*

Grimrose: I Got Some Sea Grapes! Can't Let These Go Sour!

En-dead: I Got A Moon Jellyfish! Now To Find A Sun Peanutbutterfish!

Dapper Crabulon: I Got A Dungeness Crab! Dun Dun Duuuun…Geness!

En-dead: So Ben, How Long Does This Potion Last?

Ben: A Whole Day

En-dead: Ok

Scene 4[]

SO Scene 4.png



Ben: O' A Notification From Tom Nook!

Ben: Lu - Lu - Lu - Luna Is In The Code Of Animal Crossing: New Horizons?!

Dapper Crabulon: Whos Luna?

Ben: She Runs The Dream Suite AKA The Dream Mansion

Dapper Crabulon: And How Do You Know Her?

Ben: I Know Her Because She Is From Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Dapper Crabulon: And What Does The Dream Suite Do?

Ben: It Is A Place Where You Can Go In A Bed And Dream

Dapper Crabulon: But Can You Get Different Dreams?

Ben: ...

Ben: *Laughs* No No No It's Towns Only!

Scene 5[]

SO Scene 5.png

Ben: Time To Go Fishing!, In Style

Ben: Hey Ice Bloom!

Ice Bloom: What Ben The Cybernetic Pen?!

Ben: Im Going To- (Picks Up Ice Bloom)

Ice Bloom: WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!


Ben: This Is What You Get For Freezing Me One Time!

Ben: So En-dead How Many Fish Have You Gotten?

En-dead: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,0 Fishies

Ben: Cool!

Scene 6[]

SO Scene 6.png

Ben: Let's Head Back...


Ben: The New Update Is Now Here! And Luna Is In It!

Ben: Time To Enter A Dream World

Luna: *Bursts Through The Roof* I Bet You Have A Paid Online Membership First!

Dapper Crabulon: Uhhh... Ben I Have Questions 1. Who Is She 2. Why Is She Asking You For A Paid Online Membership

Ben: 1. Her Name Is Luna 2. To Enter A Dream World, You Need Paid Online Membership

Dapper Crabulon: Ok

*Scene 7 Coming Soon...*

Timor, we kinda need help but not anymore[]

*story: after fighting a monster and realizing something dapper and en-dead send bob to pick timor up for some assistance, mainly on how to not have an army of shadowborn kill everything*

Scene 1 (this is my "first" EDUM story attempt, if there's something you want to happen or change or talk about in this scene just ask me)

Timor: *watching the simpsons in his house*

*knocking at the door*

Timor: ugh, coming *opens the door*

Bob: hey timor we need you to open a portal to the abyss because we want something from it to do something

Timor: I don't think thats safe

Bob: just do it

Timor: alright. *opens a portal* so whats the exact r-

Bob: *throws a bomb in it*


Bob: so the monsters don't try to kill us

Timor: : (

Bob: also we need you *grabs timor*

Timor: why meeee

Bob: you break the laws of physics and we want portals

Timor: ok

Rebooted Daggzz2z 2 joins in

coming soon