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En-dead: Hello everybody! I’m here to tell you that you can either look at news for what may happen next, spoilers to absolutely know what happens next, or even post ideas that I myself may make happen next! Have fun on this wiki and embrace the ability to go as wild as you like! BE WARNED: Any and all forms of content are allowed (Unless an admin puts a warning on you page)

Maddie: I’m an admin that isn’t rly too active yet will take action! I’m also wholesome UwU!

UltraTurgeon: also hi I am an admin

3owowoo: I am the ONLY member of the Elite Squad to not be an admin

Timor: Yo I’m timor and I’m always keeping an eye here, if you do something bad I’ll likely find you within 10 minutes or less.

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BenThePen1.png Now what is this?

´´En-dead’s Ultimate moment is a page with hilarious, spooky, and completely bizarre events!

Many love it, plus scenes for new events are constantly being released!

If you’re lucky, you’re very own idea could be added as an official event, and no worries! You’ll get partial credit!`` Want more? Click here!

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